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Gift Pack by Jessi Jayne


Being a new mum is hard work! This pack is designed with baby and mum in mind, perfect welcome home gift. 


Gift Pack includes:

- Auric Mamma Mist

Created to bring calm, grounding and balance to all the mothers or mothers-to-be out there. It is specifically designed with ingredients that are gentle and non-harmful for those undergoing pregnancy. 

- Auric Baby Mist

Created as a subtle blend for sensitive souls to ease them into feeling calm and peaceful. It is specifically designed with ingredients that are particularly safe for the little ones.

- Auric Bath Soak

This beautiful bath soak is designed to not only relax and calm but to also nourish your body through gentle detoxification and replenishment of essential minerals such as magnesium.

- Hello Petal Plantable Card

- Gift Box, wrapped and ready. 


Flavours of Loco Love Chocolate may vary between orders.


If you would like a specific Loco Love Chocolate please leave a note at check out.

Baby Mamma Gift Pack

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