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Introducing our brand new quote design smoothie tumblers, these glass tumblers with bamboo lids and a thick metal smoothie straw are your perfect summer accessory!


With beautifully designed quote on the front of the tumbler reading:


'Be the energy you want to attract."


perfect for making a smoothie to go, getting your iced coffee to go, or grabbing a bubble tea!




1 glass tumbler, 1 bamboo lid, 1 thick metal straw

580mL size, slimline design


custom quote

dimensions: 17.5cmx7.5cm


Care: please hand wash both tumbler and bamboo lid only to prevent fading. Dry lid immediately as bamboo is a natural raw material and this will prevent mould forming. straw is dishwasher safe, all current tumblers come with a silicone straw cover to be placed on the bottom of your straw to prevent the straw from hitting the bottom handle with care when placing straw into tumbler.



Energy Tumbler