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By Salt & Rainbows


Gemini ~ Sunshine and Happiness ~ Moonstone, Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline


The bright and curious nature of this air sign has a light, youthful energy, always ready for fun and hijinks. A natural communicator, Gemini loves to gather and share knowledge, anything to strengthen the mind. Often skilled at writing, speaking, music and teaching, Gemini finds any avenue for ripples of information to spread. Gemini is also a networking expert, easily gathering people to them with a friendly disposition, perceptive nature and an uncanny ability to adapt to a variety of social situations. Gemini always knows just who you need to meet or what book to read or which podcast to listen to.


Like a playful spring breeze, the sunny energy of Gemini will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face.

Moonstone ~ Balances Gemini's emoition's, it encourages a a strong relationship with self, It's also very useful at boosting intuitiveness. 


Tigers Eye ~ Protects the Gemini and removes negativity. 


Black Tourmaline ~ Encourages a happy demeanour for all Geminis, by removing the toxic people and energetically improving physical spaces. A great stone to encourage positivity for this sign. 


All candles are hand poured in our Fleurieu Peninsula studio and crafted with a soy wax blend, charged crystals, and a carefully curated fragrance. Each crystal is infused in the wax before finding their home in your candle to give you the maximum benefit of their energy.

Gemini Astrology Candle ~ 21.05 - 20.06

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