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By Salt & Rainbows


Taurus ~ Goji and Tarroco orange ~ Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Aventurine


This serene, grounded earth sign aims to build beauty into whatever it touches, and its soul is fed by stillness and solidity. Pleasure seekers at heart, Taurus seeks tactile joys, indulging in fine foods, lavish clothes or a soothing massage. A strong bond to the planet may play out in a love of gardening or indoor plants, or a general pull to spending time in nature. Taurus is also solid and dependable, that steady hand at the wheel when chaos threatens. Centred, yet fixed, change is hard for this sign, so


Taurus must learn the skill of flexibility to adapt to this everchanging world.


Sink into the energy of this calm, tranquil sign, the perfect balm for times of stress or anxiety.


Clear Quartz ~ Aids Communication It helps with clarity and clear articulation of ideas and thoughts..  


Rose Quartz ~ Is great for all born in Taurius, its no secret they have great taste, so rose quartz works with their love of the finer things in life and encourages self love as well. 


Aventurine ~ Creates good luck and prosperity. 


All candles are hand poured in our Fleurieu Peninsula studio and crafted with a soy wax blend, charged crystals, and a carefully curated fragrance. Each crystal is infused in the wax before finding their home in your candle to give you the maximum benefit of their energy.

Taurus Astrology Candle ~ 20.4 - 20.5

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