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By Salt & Rainbows


Capricorn ~ Juicy Watermelon ~ Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, Black Onyx 


The highflier of the zodiac, this earth sign is serious and determined, focused on building practical achievements that stand the test of time. Like its mountain goat symbol, Capricorn is not afraid of taking the hard route to the top, and in their wish to master whatever they set out to do will use great effort to achieve great things. The respect and maturity they gain along the way inspire the next climb. It’s not all dry and dull, Capricorn’s earthy nature has a sharp wit and hilariously dry sense of humour!


Capricorn has links to ancient wisdom and noble spiritual connection, with a perfect balance between logical reasoning and spiritual wisdom.

Capricorn’s grounded energy will gift you with clarity, focus and determination.


Smoky Quartz ~ Is a stone that gives this sign stability. It grounds the individual and removes negativity from the air. 


Tigers Eye ~ Increases perception and helps the Capricorn see all aspects of the situation instead of small snippets. 


Black Onyx ~ Offers tranquility and detoxifies the environment. Allowing a moment of self care and disconnect for this hard working sign. 


Capricorn Astrology Candle ~ 22.12 - 19.01

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