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By Mr Consisent

Hey, Margarita lover - this one's for you!

The 3 best-selling Margarita Mixers bundled together, and save. Featuring the NEW Coconut Margarita Mix and Chilli Margarita Mix, along with the crowd favourite Classic Margarita Mix, you'll be in Margi heaven (and the world's best host).

The Margi Trio Pack Includes:

- 1x Mr. Consistent Margarita Mixer (375mL)

-1x NEW Mr. Consistent Coconut Margarita Mixer (375mL)

-1x NEW Mr. Consistent Chilli Margarita Mixer (375mL)

Best Paired With:

Tequila (Blanco or Reposado), Mezcal

Margi Trio Pack

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