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Created and written by Cleo Massey


Each Positive Guidance Journal available (blue and gold) are the same inside. The only difference is the front and back cover. 


Illustrated by Kayla Jayne


100 pages of unique, hand drawn illustrations! A journal that’s impossible not to fill up.

This magic little book will support you through your bad days, and amplify your good days!


In this journal, you will find powerful questions which spark deep self-reflection. These questions allow you to release anger, limiting beliefs and fear, which in turn helps ease confusion, negativity and anxiety. Most excitingly, this journal will guide you on a path of positivity, helping you love and accept yourself while manifesting your desires quicker and easier than ever before.


While guiding you, this journal also allows you the space to let your thoughts and feelings run free, making it the perfect little journal for everyone!


Let the magic begin!

Positive Guidance Journal

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