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By Salt & Rainbows


Sagittarius ~ Saffron and Cedar ~ Black Onyx, Citrine, Amethyst


The expansive fire of this sign seeks a wide-ranging life of expansion and freedom, pushing against whatever boundaries it may meet. Sagittarius lives with its face towards the heavens, always seeking truth, wisdom and higher knowledge. Often drawn to situations of teaching, storytelling, or journeying, exuberantly discussing philosophies and openly exploring faith to broaden horizons.

Benevolent and generous, Sagittarius’ enthusiasm is contagious, and always encourages the glass half full perspective, though this optimism can lead them into hot water unless they take the time to think things through.


Tap into the spacious energy of Sagittarius as it generously imbues hope and optimism, and a dash of faith.


Black Onyx ~  Sagittarius peeps sometimes believe the whole world thinks like them so this crystal promotes open mindfulness, and helps open conversations. 


Citrine ~ promotes abundance and positivity. Sometimes this sign needs a little bit of added confidence to push through into the right direction. 


Amethyst ~ Amethyst works to connect with spirit, this sign is known for its can do attitude and sometimes it's important to calm down and listen to the own inner rhythm, to receive the best outcomes. 

Sagittarius Astrology Candle ~ 22.11 - 21.12

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