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By Salt & Rainbows


Scorpio ~ Wild Lemongrass ~ Lapis Lazuli, Sunstone, Red Jasper


Like the oceanic depths, the pressured waters of this sign produce emotional intensity and powerful perceptiveness. Sensitive yet resilient, empathetic yet determined, Scorpio is a living paradox that deals well with ambiguity. The detective of the zodiac, Scorpio can peel back the layers to get to the heart of the matter, and won’t turn away if the pain is found. This energy is drawn towards transformative situations, processing and purifying to eliminate what doesn’t belong to cleanly move forwards.


Scorpio likes to flirt with danger, the joy of the caress the knife’s edge of life and death. In relationships, there is a black and white nature, deeply loyal companions or powerful enemies.

Harness the perceptive gifts of Scorpio to guide you towards hidden answers in the depths.


Lapis Lazuli ~ Helps the Scorpio sign with clear communication, as sometimes the star sign can come across as aloof.  


Sunstone ~ Will recharge a Scorpios positivity and optimism. 


Red Jasper ~ is a grounding stone that offers strength, endurance, and stability they need to fulfil their goals. 

Scorpio Astrology Candle ~ 23.10 - 21.11

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